The Anderson Family : Harlan, Mary, Richard, Mark, and Tippy

Alfalfa’s Secret is a product of the Anderson Family Farm in Cokato, MN. 100% owned and operated by Dr. Harlan Anderson, DVM and his two sons, Mark and Richard Anderson. All our products are made with alfalfa and grasses raised on the family farm, process and bagged on site, and shipped right from our farm.

The Anderson family farm, affectionately called Idle Acres, was first settled in 1871 by Sven and Christina Anderson. They were Swedish farmers who immigrated to America in search for a better life for their family. Over 140 years later, this Century farm is supporting its fifth generation (going on six). This history is why we believe so strongly in the conservation of our soils for the next generation, and the preservation of the family farmer is essential. It’s also why we’ve spent generations focused on raising quality forages. While we do raise other crops for rotation, we love alfalfa for its benefits to the environment and animal health. Because alfalfa is a perennial crop, our alfalfa stands last five to eight years, significantly reducing soil erosion over traditional row crops, and minimizes soil work in the Spring and Fall.  Alfalfa naturally replenishes various nutrients to the soil, and is an important habitat for many organisms. In fact, local bee keepers rely on our alfalfa fields, which are allowed to go to full-bloom, to feed their honey bees. Alfalfa’s Secret is made entirely from non-GMO alfalfa!

We’re glad you stopped by to check out our product, and we hope you enjoy Alfalfa’s Secret as much as we do.



Sven and Christina celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary with their family in 1911 (infront of the same house we are living in today)


The Anderson family reunion for the 140th anniversary of settling on the farm in Cokato, MN


The Anderson family reunion for the 140th anniversary of settling on the farm in Cokato, MN