The benefits of a slow release soil amendment…

IMG_5086Alfalfa’s Secret is the most natural source of Nitrogen for today’s gardener. Successful crop farmers would grow alfalfa or clover (Legumes) in their fields and plow it into the soil at the end of the growing season for Nitrogen before the time of commercial fertilizers. It was called “Green Manure” in the early days.

Alfalfa’s Secret is a not only a natural source of nitrogen, phosphorous, and potash (potassium), but also many other micro nutrients like copper, zinc, and magnesium. These nutrients are released gradually by Alfalfa’s Secret, and will not quickly leach away as can happen with some commercial fertilizers. This will help to keep your plants healthy all season long.

Alfalfa’s Secret is also rich in natural sugars which, when surface applied, will break down and release an alcohol called triacotanol. Some studies show Triacotanol may increase the level of photosynthesis in some plants, and help rose plants to express themselves more.

…and a mulch…

  • Conserves soil moistureIMG_4320_sm
  • Reduces weed growth
  • Mats well
  • Moderates soil temperature
  • Builds soil organic matte
  • Natural barrier between hanging vegetables and the soil
  • Clings to the soil
  • All natural
  • Densified and easy to apply
  • Once a year application

…and more!

IMG_4890Alfalfa’s Secret does not require the use of any pesticides.

The natural organic material and slow release of nutrients supports and encourages natural development of soil microbial organisms that benefit all your plants.

Alfalfa’s Secret does not need to be removed at the end of the season, rather it is encouraged to work it into the soil to help build the soils organic matter for the next season.

With no artificial additives, Alfalfa’s Secret soil amendment is safe for use around kids and pets.