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Square Meal is a “Total Mixed Ration.” Soft, palatable, roughly 1.25-inch square “biscuits” of Square Meal contain mostly forage – high-quality alfalfa and grasses – combined with minerals and vitamins. The long fiber length of the forage in the biscuit makes it more appealing to the horse than pellets, as well as improving horse digestion. As the name implies, it’s a complete diet for the horse when combined with plenty of fresh water and free choice loose salt.

The consistency of the feed is an important factor. Square Meal is a biscuit, which is easier for the horse to break apart, chew and digest than hay cubes or powdered, reconstituted pellets on the market. And horses like the texture of Square Meal.

Square Meal Feed™ is a soft, palatable horse feed. Find out more!

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Square Meal Feeds are researched, developed and manufactured by Dr. Harlan Anderson, DVM, a veterinarian in Cokato, Minn. The Anderson farm, affectionately called Idle Acres, is a fifth generation farming operation. In addition to his veterinary practice, Dr. Anderson has maintained an active hay, corn and soybean operation. He has a solid link to the land and the animals that rely on the fruits of the land